The textile factory Lider Ltd. was founded 1999 in Kocani and since then until today is dealing with the production and export of women and men knitted upper garments. At its disposal, we have own space for the production and storage house of around 800 m2, production line equipment of the modern machinery fleet. The figure of employees ranges around 100, with monthly production capacity of 20-30,000 pieces. The whole production is intended for foreign markets, and your vision, design and model we turn it into a real product with high quality.
We cooperate with well-known foreign partners and famous brands.

Miroglio fashion: Elena Miro, Diana Galessi, Motivi, Oltre, BTF, Caractere, Bianca, Betty Barcly, Gerry Weber

The pleasure is ours to work with your patterns and your satisfaction is our quality.


Textile factory STATUS SA
Todosija Paunov, 109
2300 Kochani
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+389 33 275 666/275 777