Company profile

The company LEADER Ltd. is founded in 1989 in the municipality of Kocani. Its business activities have first started as a business association with only one enthusiastic employee with vision and courage to convert the company with more than 200 employees with own manufacture and with recognizable quality, tracking the cutting edge technology and moving forward to foreign market.

Today the company disposes with

- Plant for the production of high-quality tables and chair

- Textile confection for confectioning every type of knitwear

- Gas stations with recognizable impeccable service and high quality fuels

- Hotel in the town center, which is abundant in luxury, comfort and style

- Catering facility – pizzeria 



Superb quality, Unique design! Complete production process - from raw material to finished product.

textile factory

Unique design, High quality!
Comfort and cozy feeling.
Selected materials.


The best care for your vehicle!
Quality fuels.
A wide selection of ironing boards.



Style, Comfort and Luxury!
Feel the scent of
luxury and harmony